Is you license plate peeling? You could get a ticket. Just ask one central New York driver.

Before a state trooper handed Gray Henderson a ticket for his peeling license plate, the Brighton man had no idea he could be fined for it.

The trooper cited Henderson for a plate that was “loose, insecure and dirty.”

Last July there were whisperings officials would enforce the use of peeling, or delaminated, plates. New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles has been replacing peeling plates since 2014, according to WHEC. But, like Henderson, many people don’t know about the consequences for leaving these plates on their cars.

Henderson told WHEC after the trooper ticketed him he replaced his plates immediately and took them to Stafford Town Court as proof, but he ended up paying $140 in fines regardless.

"I think that if they're going to enforce something they should make it widely known. They should probably publish it or make some sort of service announcement...that's the first time I've heard that."

The DMV distinguishes two cases for which residents need to replace their plates. Those with peeling plates can exchange them for a new set completely free of charge. However, those with plates that “show natural use, fading, chips or crash damage” will have to pay $25 for new plates, a $3.75 registration fee, and an additional $20 if they wish to keep the same plate number.

Those with peeling plates can request a new set at a DMV office or by contacting the Custom Plates Unit at 1-518-402-4838.

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