Many of us are trying to get in and out of stores as quickly as possible or even using delivery services for our groceries. While it works for some items on your grocery list, it's difficult getting good quality fruits and vegetables. Sorbello's Gift and Garden in Chittenango is easing the burden with grab and go boxes.

The company's annual spring opening was this past Friday and the popularity of the prepackaged produce was so popular Sorbello's sold out. They plan to offer more of them this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings and all will be available as curbside pickup, Here's what in the prepackaged boxes:

Veggie Box: $20.00
1 Lettuce (Iceberg or Romaine) (Let us know which 1)
2 Green Peppers
1 Cucumber
1 Package Grape Tomatoes
2 Tomatoes
1 Yellow Onion (Local)
5 lbs of White Potatoes (Local)
1 Bunch of Broccoli
1 Celery
1 Baby Carrot
2 Lemons
2 Limes

Fruit Box: $30.00
1 Bunch of Bananas
6 Apples (Local. Ida Red)
1 Cantaloupe
1 Honeydew Melon
1 Golden Pineapple
2 lbs Red Grapes
5 Oranges
1 qt Strawberries
2 Grapefruit
4 Kiwi

Sorbello's asks for 24 hour notice to schedule a pickup, 315 -510-3312. Or contact them through their Facebook page.

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