Seven-year-old Savanah Redmond is helping children with eye cancer by providing them with new sunglasses. Can you donate a pair?

Raising awareness about childhood cancer and helping kids who have developed cancer hits close to home for Savanah, according to WKTV, she was diagnosed with a type of eye cancer called Retinoblastoma at 9 months old and is now in remission. In the past Savanah raised thousands of dollars to benefit children with cancer by running a lemonade stand.

WKTV says all the sunglasses will be donated to the Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia, where she receives treatment.

"I'm giving kids that have eye cancer sunglasses because whenever they go outside, because of the treatment, they have to have sunglasses," she said.

If you can donate some children's sunglasses, please drop them off or mail to 61 Ballantyne Bray in Utica. The deadline to give is Aug. 10.

[Information from WKTV]

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