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UFO or Nah? Sphere Like Object Seen in Upstate Has People Baffled
Is it a UFO or is there a much simpler explanation for the mysterious, sphere-like object caught on tape by an airline passenger recently?  In the 5-minute video, it does appear that something is darting and moving in the sky while a commercial airline touches down in Upstate, NY. ...
12 Of The Dumbest Reasons People Have Called 911
Most people who call the police or 911 usually are calling because they are in an emergency situation. Most people, not all people. Some people think that 911 is the perfect number to call to take care of every minor issue in their lives.
Mom and Daughter Visiting NY State Fair Discover Body Floating in Hotel Pool
This bizarre story could easily be an episode of a future Unsolved Mysteries. A mother and daughter from NYC visited Syracuse over the weekend to enjoy food, games, and attractions of the New York State Fair.  But their weekend of amusement and fun turned cold and deadly when on Saturday night, the mom and her 15-year-old daughter became unnerved when they heard two loud "bangs" inside t

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