I noticed the blog about National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day. Have you ever heard of this?

The day promotes checking your dog at least once a week for growths and promoting to get any growths checked by a vet. It won't stop cancer but it's better to catch it early and have a fighting chance. then not catching and have no chance.

We had a little Beagle Corgie cross. Sophie was her name. Cute little dog, brown and white coloring. Head of a beagle and the body of a corgi. There was no mistaking Sophie. Near as I recall, we rescued her from the Rome animal shelter. That little dog all 30 pounds could produce enough hair to weave a rug so we decided to clip her short and that took care of most of the hair.

I remember the day we brought her home and introduced her to Quincy our 70-pound chocolate lab. We knew that is was going to be love or death. Well, it was love at first sight. Those two were bonded by the end of the first day.  We moved from Utica to Watertown and then back again to Utica again, this time for good.

As a side note, we were living in south Utica and the two dogs started making more noise than you could imagine. If you have dogs you know the sound there's an intruder. Well, there was an intruder all right, a possum about the size of Sophie. I was the first one into the yard and got Sophie's attention. We looked back and the possum was gone, don't blame him /I would have left too. We still smile when we remember it was the little dog leading the charge and the big dog headed for the sliding glass door. Quincy wanted nothing to do with the possum.

We lost Quincy first to what the vet described as a canine stroke. Sophie started getting cancerous growths, not to much later, we had several taken off and the vet said before we take this one and put her through this again understand these growths will come back and it's a matter of time. He didn't have a timeline but we figured it would come down to sooner rather than later. We lost Sophi 6 month almost to the day after Quincy. I still miss her terribly and its been 5 years.

We have two rescues now and they are bonded just like Sophie and Quincy. In fact, sometimes I slip and call Molly Sophie by mistake Molly will look at me and wag her tail likes she understands. There must be something in the air as my eyes see to be watering.

Remember to check your dogs for growths, and to take them to the vet if you spot anything out of the norm.






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