When it comes to food I'm a pretty straight ahead guy. The guy on the food channel that roams the globe in search of strange things to eat is clearly from another world.

I mean if it has more than 4 or 2 legs and needs to be chased in order to be considered dinner, I think I'm going to lose some serious weight.

What we're talking about here is a good old fashion red and white peppermint traditional candy cane. That seems like a no-brainer seeing how it is the Christmas holidays and just about everybody has candy canes on or near the tree.

I'm sure you can imagine my surprise when I saw some green and white candy canes and figured out great Wintergreen candy canes. Well not exactly wintergreen more like Wasabi. Yes, I did say Wasabi, nope lost me on that one.

There are more if your taste buds run a little on the offbeat side. How about a pickle flavor, and yes they are green. There are more, like Bacon flavor and gravy or how about Cinnabon flavored, yup got me on that one, but lost me on Sriracha. If you don't know sriracha is hot enough to get your attention but not enough to call for help.

Before you run in full retreat take a look at the list of the best crazy candy cane flavors according to Food and Wine. Then retreat back to the basic peppermint candy cane.

Happy Holidays



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