Is America's Pizza capitol in Buffalo NY, it is according to Arthur Bovino. You can't really find Buffalo-style pizza in other cities, the dough has the lightness of a focaccia, there's always a lot of cheese, and while the sauce does happen to be slightly sweet, that ends up being a nice contrast to the spicey oil pooled in the copious charred, meaty pepperoni.

Buffalo-style has been described as a hybrid of Chicago deep-dish and New York, or somewhere between Detroit's airy, high-lipped cheesy crust and New York City's traditionally thin-crust pies. It's also been compared to a circular version of Sicilian-style pizza, but there's less structure to the undercarriage of Buffalo-style pizza and it's signature sweet sauce is nothing like what you get at places that make the best Sicilian Sicilian slices.

According to the Buffalo News, the number of pizzerias went from 62 in 1969 to 274 by 1989 to 300 in 1998. Keep in mind that over that period of time, according to the census the population went from 462,768 to 292,819, which is strange as the population decreased but the number of pizzerias increased.

Next time I'm in Buffalo, a must will have to be a "Buffalo Style" pizza but call me crazy, I think we have pretty amazing pizza right her in Utica, NY...maybe Arthur needs to make a visit to this end of the state, I think he would be pretty impressed!

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