Ants Marching isn't just the name of a great tune by the Dave Matthews Band. It probably describes what's going on at your home or camp about this time of the year.

Maybe they're even taking over. Maybe you've tried lots of solutions to get rid of the little pests. And maybe you'd rather not use the chemical-laden ant traps available at stores. One of our friends, Toni, told us about a solution for getting rid of ants that she heard about from her sister. It's all-natural. And she claims it works.

Cucumbers. Leave some cucumber shavings where the ants enter your home. They don't like it. (Neither do I, so I get it.) We're going to see if it works. And, with a little research, we also found some other home remedies as well. So, here are 7 Home Remedies for Repelling Ants:

  • Sliced or grated cucumber
  • Coffee grounds (spread 'em on the ant hills outside your home)
  • Baking soda/Sugar mixture
  • A spray of vinegar & water around the cracks where they get in
  • Cloves of garlic
  • Cotton balls doused in peppermint
  • Bay leaves

And whatever you do, clean up any sugar, flour and paprika that may be on your kitchen counter tops. Ants LOVE all of that stuff.

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