From the “this doesn’t seem like a must-have item even if you see it on a 3AM infomercial” file comes this groin-saving wonder.

A company called Nutshellz has created a cup that is so strong it can stop a bullet. Yup, a bulletproof cup for all those men walking around fearing some sniper will shoot them in their most important region. Unless you’re Kanye West after annoying all of humanity at an awards show, we’re not sure who is clamoring for this, but it's good to know the technology is here.

To prove just how effective the cup is, Nutsheelz CEO Jeremiah Raber decided to take a bullet in his love joystick. You’ve gotta have a big pair of non-shot off cajones to agree to it, but, hey, Raber wants to sell his product, so he had to take drastic measures, right?

Nutshellz has its eyes on big things, too, including creating a youth model for all those little tykes' little you-know-whats.

Bulletproof anything is growing in popularity right now. From the bulletproof helmet to the bulletproof suit, men can soon walk out head to toe without fear of anyone being able to get away with shattering their manhood into a million pieces.

If you think someone might try to blow away your penis or you'd like to see the different levels of contributions available to make, you can learn more on the Nutshelllz Kickstarter page.

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