A new study says one of the best places in the U.S. to start over is believe it or not, Buffalo, New York.

A study done by the market research company Lending Tree ranked the top 50 cities in America and the city that tops the list is Buffalo with a score of 67.6. Lending Tree looked at several factors, median income, cost of housing, state debt collection laws, the percentage of people with health insurance, number of singles and median rent.

Let's look at some of the things that put Buffalo at the top of the list to start over again.$738 is the lowest median rent, 94% of adults over the age of 35 are insured, 2nd highest by the way. Residence who declared bankruptcy three years prior have an average credit score of 664, still, subprime but a tie for the highest cities reviewed and suggests that conditions are favorable for financial recovery, compared with other locations.

Unemployment for over 35's was about 1% lower at 4.6%30% are unmarried good news if you are looking for a new partner and finally, The state gets a B  grade for having some of the strongest protections for debtors, no state received an A by the way.

So, if you are at the point of throwing in the towel, take a giant step backward as the system is very much on your side and the state really wants to see you succeed.

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