Where are the best NFL tailgate parties? Yahoo Travel ranked the 10 best cities for tailgating and despite the winter weather, Buffalo came out on top because the it's never too cold for Bills fans.

Yahoo gives a nod to hearty Buffalo supporters. "Bills fans know how to throw a traditional outdoor tailgate, no matter the weather."

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The indoor tailgating party at the ADPRO Sports Training Center also gets a nod for the "family-friendly" and "kid-focused" entertainment.

The adult fun isn't as warm and fuzzy. Fans brave the cold in the parking lot of Ralph Wilson Stadium and have been doing so for years, like Ken “Pinto Ron” Johnson, "who grills meat on the hood of his Pinto, makes pizza in an oven made of a filing cabinet, and cooks chicken wings in a mailbox."

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Bills tailgating parties also include "the traditional shots out of a bowling ball, and of course Buffalo wings in the home of Buffalo wings." You can also join the crowd to sing along to the Bills 'Shout' song.

Baltimore came in second, followed by Kansas City, Houston and Philadelphia rounding out the top 5. See the full top 10 list at Yahoo.com.

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