Take a close look at your Budweiser can. It might carry the 'New York' name for a limited time only. Oh, and the Clydesdale's are coming to Baldwinsville!

Budweiser is highlighting the 12 American breweries in 10 different states including the Baldwinsville site outside of Syracuse. Check your cans and bottles because now through September 1st, a portion of their beverages will carry the New York name, not the Budweiser name. According to Budweiser:

    • “Budweiser” on cans and bottles being replaced with each state name
    • The center medallion “AB” monogram updated with state initials
    • “King of Beers” swapped to include each state motto, for New York, it's "Excelsior!"
    • “Anheuser-Busch Inc.” replaced with each state nickname New York's is The Empire State.

This is not new to Anheuser-Busch, in 2016 they renamed Budweiser 'America.'

Budweiser Temporarily Renames Flagship Beer 'America'
Drew Angerer /Getty Images

Anheuser-Busch is also planning an open house on August 5th that will feature the beloved Clydesdale's, beer, burgers, and more. This is a big deal as NYup.com reports the brewery does not offer regular tours and only hosts visitors on special occasions. The tour is free, but you must be 21 and register in advance.

 Bonus Video:

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