When bucks get their antlers stuck together, it actually could quickly wind up deadly. Thankfully two men stepped in for the save.

Those two men were an officer for the DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation), and an area farmer. If not for them, the bucks could have been in the field they were found in until eventually, they passed away. With the antlers locked, the two deer would have had a very difficult time being mobile and finding food and water to survive.

The methods used to unlock their antlers by the farmer and DEC Officer Godson seem intense. To make it happen a tractor was used, also a reciprocating saw, a winch, and a catchpole. The bucks were so stuck they had to have portions of their antlers actually cut off to remove them from each other. This happened in Barre, a small town in Orleans county in between Rochester and Buffalo in Western New York.

Photos Of Two Bucks Getting Antlers Detached

The officers at the DEC are true heroes. Each day they help animals in turmoil, and this is just another story out of many that are heartwarming. While on the topic of bucks and deer in general, it is hunting season in Central New York. If you were unaware, right now we are in bow season. At the moment crossbows are not allowed in New York State. That changes on October 13th.

Normal deer season for hunting with rifles begins on October 23rd in the Northern region of the Empire State.

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