The Brooklyn Pickle deli/restaurant has been around since 1975 in two other locations. Now the owners are proposing a third location for a portion of Hafner's Red Barn on Buckley Road in Clay.

The old Hafner's Red Barn closed in 2008 and was a landmark itself in its heyday the country store sold collectibles, Christmas items, Christmas trees, food and more.

In case you don't know the original Brooklyn Pickle opened in 1975 at 2222 Burnet Ave. in Syracuse. A second location opened two years later in a portion of the Byrne Dairy building on the west side and then moved in 1984 to its present location at 1600 W. Genesee St.

Since it closed the property the old country store sits on has remained vacant with paint peeling.

Craig Kowadla, who runs the Brooklyn Pickle along with the founder Ken Sniper, said, "the restaurant would be on a piece of the Hafner property". The location is perfect because of all the traffic that drives by the site. The proposal still must be approved by the town of Clay and financing secured.

The menu would be the same as the other Brooklyn Pickles. The deli/restaurant would be the same as the other Brooklyn Pickles.

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