A bride typically expects to be the center of attention on their big day. However, one woman was left feeling jealous after she was supposedly "upstaged" by a guest at her own wedding: her new husband's sister.

The new bride took to Reddit to vent her frustration, claiming all the guests at her wedding spent the night talking about how pretty her "very attractive" new sister-in-law, Tiffany, looked.

"The ceremony went fine, but afterwards, while my in-laws were congratulating me, my [father-in-law] commented that I looked beautiful, and in the next breath mentioned Tiffany did, too. His wife caught his eye and shook her head, but I ignored it. When Tiffany came over to say congratulations, she looked stunning. Her dress was beautiful and fitted her perfectly, her hair and make up looked like they'd been done professionally, and she was wearing a pair of obviously designer shoes," the bride wrote via Reddit.

She noted that Tiffany's "outfit was totally appropriate for the event," yet she still felt "weirdly" upset by how beautiful she looked, which made her feel self conscious.

"Even [my new husband] Matt told her she looked great, and they rarely talk. For the rest of the night, every single male guest at the wedding asked about Tiffany, who she was, how I know her, if she was single, etc. By the speeches, I was fed up and almost in tears, and even the best man mentioned her in his speech off the cuff. I let it go, went on my honeymoon, and tried to forget the whole thing," she continued.

Despite trying to brush off her insecurities, things came to a head recently during a family gathering.

"We came back [from our honeymoon] about a week ago, and this past weekend had dinner with my in-laws. Tiffany was visiting, and we learned that she had got engaged. She showed us her comically large ring and said she was planning to have the wedding next year and that it would be a black tie event. Before I could stop myself, I jokingly said that I was pretty sure I'd already been to her wedding, I was the one in the white dress," the bride shared.

The newlywed then told Tiffany she had "upstaged" her at her own wedding.

"She laughed and said you can't upstage a bride. I asked if I could wear white to her wedding then and she shrugged and said 'if you think it'll help.' She then apologized if I felt her outfit was inappropriate," she wrote, adding the conversation caused a rift between her and her husband.

"When we got home my husband blew up on me, saying I embarrassed him by being petty and jealous of Tiffany. He said he doesn't even like her but even he knows she can't do anything about what she looks like or the clothes she can afford, and I made myself look bitter and childish, and him by association," the woman detailed.

Now, the bride's husband is demanding she apologize to Tiffany and his parents, but she feels she didn't do anything wrong.

In the comments section, users rallied behind the sister-in-law, letting the bride know the way she acted was unfair.

"I mean I get it, everyone was asking about her on your big day and that’s frustrating and it’s OK to feel frustrated at the PEOPLE DOING IT BUT how is that Tiffany’s fault? She was there for you guys. She didn’t wear a white dress. She wore something classy, shoes she liked, and looked as she likes to. It is not her fault and I find it crazy that [original poster] is that jealous over Tiffany," one person wrote.

"[Original poster] is mad because none of the men drooled over her and asked if she was single. Oh wait, it was her wedding day! And she spent it being jealous because a beautiful woman was in attendance," another commented.

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