That's one great pumpkin, Charlie Brown! A New York farmer grew a pumpkin so great it not only broke a state record but it's the heaviest in the country.

Scott Andrusz, of Clarence, New York, set a new record for America's heaviest pumpkin at The Great Pumpkin Farm's annual World Pumpkin Weigh-Off on Saturday, October 1. The 2,554-pound gourd beat the old record by 26 pounds.

World Record Pumpkin

Scott and his team, Andrusz Giants, were a long way from the world record. That belongs to Stefano Cutrupi, a man in Italy whose Guinness World Record pumpkin weighed in at 2,702 pounds back in 2021.

$5,000 Pumpkin

Andrusz Giants pumpkin brought home the $5,000 grand prize and the honor of being called a record breaker in New York and the country.

To put things into perspective, the winning pumpkin had to be brought in by a crane. It's heavier than some small cars. A Ford Fiesta only weighs 2,537 pounds.

Credit - Emmett Andrusz via Facebook
Credit - Emmett Andrusz via Facebook

You can see the record-breaking pumpkin at the Great Pumpkin Farm, one of 12 of the best pumpkin patches to visit, according to Trips to Discover. Just one of several national recognitions the farm has received over the year. Country Living, the Travel Channel, and the Huffington Post have all recognized the experience you can have with the whole family in Clarence, New York.

The Great Pumpkin Farm Festival, where there are also rides, a corn maze, apple cannons, a pumpkin patch, and food runs through October 31.

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