This is supposed to be a skating video (and it is) of Bob Burnquist playing around at his own personal backyard skatepark, 'Dreamland'. Even despite his innovative 'hip' ramp that he built to fly-skate over a chasm, I found myself more amazed by the way his helicopter pilot pal whipped his chopper around the ramp mimicking a skater rail sliding and pulling 720's! Not like HE can wear protective gear if he goes down! I cued the vid to start at the heli-madness portion, but feel free to swing back and watch some non-heli heart-pounding skate action too!



'Heli-madness' Behind the scenes! Again I started this to set up the part where the pilot goes bonkers on the ramp, but you can rewind to see how Bob did some of the more, shall we say 'subdued' heli stunts. Yeah, subdued, I know. And get this. He's a helicopter pilot too. Punk. Must be nice to have a gazzillion buck to buy toys and play with them in sunny CA!



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