Growing up Bob Barker was such a TV icon, but I ask the question why? He seemed like such a jerk to many of the contestants but people loved him! 76 year old women would throw their under pantaloons at the guy, for what: to be insulted! He was the king of showcase showdowns, but the god of insults. I tried to find the best he had, and here’s what we could find:

  • The Price is Right Cheater

    So this guy cheats during the game “Flip Flop”, after Bob pouts off the stage, he comes back and awards this guy the prize anyway.

  • The Unappreciative Contestant

    Now I understand the furniture and DVD’s are a lame prize, but they are free, and you get to be on TV. This unappreciative contestant is offered lame prizes to win during the “Race Game” and insults Bob!

  • Insulting A Woman To Her Face

    “You’re pretty and sweet, but have no talent” – Bob Barker

  • No Patience Barker

    This one is a little longer, but a woman is playing the game “Ten Chances” and has no idea what so ever how to play it. The reaction by Bob Barker is priceless.

  • Touchy/Feely Barker

    Rumor had it Bob loved his beauty’s, but he also loved his contestants. I’m shocked no sexual harassment claims have ever been filed.

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