It's nice to finally get some warm weather, but it's a double edge sword. Warm conditions may cause toxic blue green algae blooms to explode in upstate New York, says Ada Carr at Suspected or confirmed blooms have already been spotted on five upstate lakes in Oswego county. Biochemistry Professor Greg Boyer says "a lot of things will start to explode because of the warm weather. We are predicting its going to be a big bloom year."

According to Boyer "a wet spring season flushed plenty of nitrogen and phosphorous into area lakes."

You'll recall Sylvan beach was closed several times last summer due to algae blooms. You'll probably recall this is nothing you want to mess with as it can cause some real problems. Blue-green algae is actually a bacteria and if ingested can cause some real problems, especially to small children and can be deadly to pets. The bacteria can cause nausea, vomiting and in severe cases, acute liver failure.

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention said, "coming into direct contact with the algae can cause a rash, and some research indicates a link between long term inhalation of toxic algae fumes and neurologic disorders like Parkinson's and lou Gehrig's diseases."

If you are in or near a lake with algae issues stay clear of the lake until cleared by the local authorities.





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