According to American Red Cross spokespeople in the Central and Western New York regions, the end of 2018 brought about an "unprecedented" shortage of blood, as banks were depleted during the holidays. Also, a significant drop in blood donors caused the American Red Cross to issue an emergency for donors to give.

There simply has not been enough blood to keep up with demand for emergencies and hospitals in our area and across New York. According to some reports, the American Red Cross says that they have less than a three-day supply for daily hospital needs and emergency situations at some facilities, whereas there is usually a five-day supply available.

The Red Cross says the shortage could be the result of fewer volunteer blood drives and busy schedules over the holidays.

There is a special need for type-O blood, so those with that type are urged to donate soon to help restock supplies. But, ALL blood types are being accepted. All the information you need about local Red Cross chapters can be found here.

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