A bear has climbed up a tree in Rome And the Rome Police Department to STAY AWAY!

The Rome Police Department received a call for a bear in the city last night. It is confirmed the bear was on located on N. James Street. The bear eventually climbed a tree in the picture below behind Saint Peters Church.

The DEC was contacted, and they said to avoid contact with the bear, and the bear will come down from the tree and go back into his natural environment. We are advising if the bear is spotted, please avoid any contact and call the DEC.

Rome Police Department
Rome Police Department

Here are some tips provided by the DEC to deter human and bear interactions that are dangerous for all involved. Bears learn from experience, and if an activity results in food, they’ll repeat that action. If an encounter with a human is contrary, they’ll avoid them, but if bears learn to obtain food from humans, they can become bold and aggressive. Remember feeding Black Bears is prohibited in New York.

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