The owners of Bite Bakery and Cafe, Douglas and Jason Allen-Leonard are opening a new shop in the Nathan's Adirondack Bakery building in Old Forge.

The new venture called Wisk Baking Company, will be your basic grab-and-go pastry business for customers shopping in Old Forge. They will offer other items like croissants, crepes, and muffins.

Wisk is on track to open in late spring with seating available only for fewer than 15 people. It should be open just in time to serve people vacationing in the north country or spending the day. Old Forge locals will recognize that Wisk is located in the old Nathan's Adirondack Bakery located on Crosby Boulevard in Old Forge.

The plan is to change the interior entirely from what Nathan's used to be. They've also bought out the vacant side of the building and will incorporate that added space into Wisk.


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