Greyson is the little boy from Rome who has touched the hearts of many Central New Yorkers. He is the child with a rare condition known as HLH and through many generous donations he has been able to seek treatment at an Ohio Children's Hospital. As Greyson approaches his second birthday his mom has one more simple request.

As his family is not able to stay with him at the hospital in Ohio, Greyson's mom is requesting that people send him a birthday card. His birthday is Sunday, February 28th and she says, "he is 600+ miles away from everyone that loves him and his mommy. His daddy and sister and doing everything they can to make the trip to be with him they are in a hard place right now and trying there hardest he could really use some cheer."

If you could find it in your heart and if you have the time you can send Greyson a birthday card to:

Shirley Coleman Box 255
1810 Young St. Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Let's put a little smile on that little face for his birthday and let him know that he is not forgotten. Our best wishes and continued prayers go out to his family. You can also still donate to his GoFundMe page.

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