Although we understand that 'The Late Show' will be getting a bit of a makeover when long-time host David Letterman exits later this year, and while we're extremely excited that Stephen Colbert is taking over the post, we still have a teensy idea: maybe Bill Murray could host it? Or just appear on every single episode? Does Colbert need a sidekick? He has to, right?

Murray appeared on the show last night, and to say that the actor and human treasure dominated it is to seriously downplay just how much the be-tuxedoed funny man brought to the table. What did he bring? Everything. He brought everything. This was like hosting a catered dinner party. Letterman didn't need to do anything, he could just sit back and watch Murray go at it. The man brought stories, formal attire, and an interest in physical fitness. He attempted to tip an employee. He almost died. This is entertainment, folks.

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