If you're someone who loves golf and would love the opportunity to do it year round, the good news is you'll soon be able to without leaving Central New York during our cold, snowy winters. A new virtual golf experience is opening soon in New Hartford, and customers who have visited other locations in New York say it's one of the best places to visit if you love the sport.

The Bunker will be opening in the Orchard Shopping Center in New Hartford. It'll be behind Kohls, in the building where CJ Banks/Christopher Banks used to be.

What exactly is The Bunker?

In the Spring of 2019, lifelong friends Troy Miller and Burl McCutcheon were driving home from their first time playing indoor golf when a fevered conversation erupted about what would make the best possible indoor golf experience. They agreed that it would have to be a luxury environment, the best technology possible was a necessity, and the service had to be nothing less than exceptional.  Just a few months later in October of 2019, after plenty of brainstorming, market research, hard work, and sweat, The Bunker opened its doors to the public.

The Bunker is deemed a luxury indoor golf facility, but also a sports bar, food hall, and music lounge. There's currently locations throughout the Capital Region in Clifton Park, Guilderland and Latham. There's no word on when the New Hartford location will be opening. Signage near the building, as well as their website, just says "coming soon."

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According to The Bunker website, they use the world's foremost golf simulator: TRACKMAN.

The TRACKMAN simulator is used by virtually all PGA professionals. Golfers at the Bunker are using the exact same tool that helps propel professional golfers to the top of their game, including Brooks Koepka, Lexi Thompson, and Tiger Woods.


it's very simple to get in and play. You don't pay to play per person, the hourly rate is per bay. You can have up to 8 people in a bay at one time and can split the cost between the number of golfers playing. For example: If 4 people are playing in one bay for one hour, the cost would be $15 per person per hour.

We recommend 30 minutes per person for 9 holes, One hour per person for 18. So if you have a foursome you could play 9 holes in two hours.

They are also friendly to all types of attire, meaning you don't have to dress in your best golfing gear. They also said, if you're particular, you can bring your own clubs.

You are welcome to bring your own clubs and we will clean them for you before your round. Or we have plenty of clubs at our facility for you to use!

Between how fun the golf part sounds and how good their food menu is: will you be stopping in once they open? Let us know inside our station app.

As we learn an opening date, we'll keep you posted!

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