It looks like Best Buy in New Hartford will be opening up to Black Friday shoppers on Thanksgiving. Not at midnight, but 6PM. That's right, 6 o'clock. 

Best Buy in New Hartford has to be one of the biggest black Friday shopping locations in the Utica Rome area. But is it really necessary to open at 6PM? That's right in the full swing of Thanksgiving holiday. I wish I was kidding, but I'm not.

I worked at this location a few years back and realize that this is the biggest day in the retail year. I remember that the entire store was required to work on this day, when it was a Friday morning. I remember going to work around 4AM for a 5AM store open. There was no excuses, you had to work it, or face the wrath of losing your job. I remember the store manager telling the staff "You don't have to work here". Wait a second boss, this is my job paying my bills, of course I need to work here.

Even when there was a death in my family, I remember the store giving grief to my sister about taking the day off to go to the funeral. I remember a fight of tears breaking out in my sister in the fear she'd lose her full time job, because the company had such a strict policy on Black Friday. They made her face the choice of: Do I go to my grandmothers funeral, or do I go to my job?

Don't these employees of the store have family? Are they not allowed to enjoy dinner and pie with family? Oh, that's right, they need to be at the store probably around 5PM to be briefed on the store game plan. Most likely, the store will be open throughout the night for Blackfriday shoppers. When do the employees, and management staff, get to enjoy the holiday? Do you have dinner at 11AM, pie by 2PM, and get ready for work by 4PM? Is the company making that much money where they feel the need to have such a huge sale?

What kind of holiday is Thanksgiving for people? Are these employees getting holiday pay? Are they getting proper breaks? Are they allowed to say "I don't want to work on Thanksgiving?" without losing their job?

By the looks of it, these employees won't even get to enjoy any part of the holiday.

Do you think it's wrong that Best Buy is opening so early on Thanksgiving?

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