Not just is the house a beauty, but it also has some rich history when it comes to brewing as well.

A lot of people always have what they would consider a dream home. Some want a small little home that gets the job done, some want a gigantic mansion that will make an entire city jealous. Then there are folks who would be perfectly fine being secluded in a house that isn't too big or too small. This house hits that niche.

On top of that, the history behind the house according to NYUP is absolutely fantastic! It was resourced using a lot of local accents that are rich in history. The chimney, for instance, was built using brick from a torn-down Cooperstown firehouse. The house also has the nickname "Hop Lot" according to the original owners is due to where the house is located and the fact that hops used to be grown in that area. So some brewing history there too. Even the road it sits on has a cool little story about farmers coming back home with bedbugs.

Beautifully Scenic Home Near Cooperstown Surrounded By Woods For Sale

If you're looking for a home that also feels like a getaway, well then look no further. As you can see from the photos below, this house is absolutely gorgeous whether it be summer, winter, fall, or spring. The look with snow on the ground is such a peaceful sight too. Imagine waking up and glancing out the window on a snowy morning. This house is located in Fly Creek and is inside the Cooperstown school district.

If you're interested in actually buying this home, the price isn't really all that unachievable. Check out Keller Williams Realty here for more photos and all of the pricing information.

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