If you were watching the 'Escape From Dannemora' miniseries on Showtime last night, you may've noticed that Patricia Arquette's character, Tilly was repping a certain town that we all know and love: Utica!

You may remember the events of the prison break three years ago from the Clinton Correctional Facility and after the first five episodes, it's clear that Ben Stiller and his crew have done an amazing job in recreating the drama, but also capturing the small-town feel that many of us are very familiar with in CNY. Even though Dannemora is 3.5 hours northeast of here at the upper right corner of the Adirondack Preserve, it's cool to see our town represented on the national TV stage...

As for where to find the 'Bearin it in Utica' shirt, no immedaite Google searches have turned up anything as yet. It's anyone'sguess where the crew picked it up, but if you're aware, please clue us in!

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