Is New York State truly considering making "Human Composting" legal for Green burials?

New York State Legislature has passed a bill that would legalize human composting. That bill is Senate Bill S5535:

This bill would define and establish the process of natural organic Reduction and the responsibilities of natural organic reduction facili-ties."

This bill would allow an alternate way to bury or cremate human remains in New York State. This would allow facilities to use natural organic reduction for decomposing bodies in an above-ground container and then transforming the remains into soil.

The state Senate passed the bill 61-2 in May of 2022, and the NYS Assembly passed it 98-52 in June. If Governor Kathy Hochul signs it into law, the measure would take effect in 90 days.

If Hochul signs it into law, cemeteries would oversee the process for the new option; remains not collected by a family would be scattered in a designated garden or area, in a grave or another authorized place. The New York State Association of Cemeteries supports the bill, according to CBS."

What Exactly Is Human Compositing? Can You Explain Further?

If you have 4 minutes and 26 seconds, watch this episode of "Ask A Mortician" on YouTube:

If you follow her channel, you'll learn everything you could ever think of in the world of death.

If you have a half hour to pun what a facility actually looks like that does this:

Is Human Compositing Legal In Other Places In The United States?

Human composting has been legalized in Washington, Oregon and Colorado. According to, it’s similar to the process farmers use to compost livestock.

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