If you have lived in the Hudson Valley most of your life chances are at one time or another you have needed to remove a bat from your house. The first time I ever encounter a bat in an indoor space I will admit it freaked me out but fortunately, I was with a person who knew what to do.

I was amazed at how fast the bat was released once we all calmed down and followed the calm instructions from my friend who I nicknamed the bat wrangler. So what did he do to get the bat to head out? First, let me tell you what he didn't do, he didn't panic and he definitely didn't chase it down with a broom. Those are two things you never want to do.

How Do Bats Get in Your House?

Empty and haunted attic

Before we get into how to get them out let's talk about how they might get in. Your attic doesn't have to be creepy for a bat to call it home. If you live in an area with bats chances are they a nesting nearby. They like to find crawl spaces like vents in attics and basements even chimneys. They find their way into your house the same way mice, squirrels, and raccoons do.

If you hear noises in your ceilings or notice animals have been in your basement it is a good idea to consult a Hudson Valley Bat removal company. They can come to check for bats and let you know if you need a different type of pest control.

How to Get A Bat Out of the House

If you get a bat in the house you definitely want to call a professional but first, you need to get the bat out and the simplest way to do that is open a window or door. That right simple show them the way out. If a bat is fly around a room it is looking for the exit the best way to help them find it is to open the biggest exit.

I also suggest that you stay lower than the tallest object in the room. The Humane Society of the United States offers a great step-by-step process of how to clear the room close doors and show the bat the way out.

Some Hudson Valley Animals You Might Want in Your House or Not

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People in the Hudson Valley keep a lot of interesting pets and animals at the house. Chances are you live next door to more than one of these animals. You might even have all of them in your neighborhood.

Hudson Valley Animals that Needed Help

Wild Animals in Rehab

When we see an animal that has been hurt or is in distress it is in our nature to want to help but the reality is we need to leave it to the professional. Our job is to report it so that trained people can step in to assist the animal that needs help. Luckily there are many Animal Rehabilitators in the Hudson Valley who are good at what they do.

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