Would you ever spend over $300,000 on a Pizza? The sad part, that cost doesn't include breadsticks or a free soda. In London, one teen was charged that much for a Domino's pizza. 

So how does one possibly spend that much on pizza? They normally don't unless the restaurant charges you the wrong amount. According to Coed, High schooler Nathaniel Bolwell ordered a large pie, some drinks and a couple of sides. The order normally rings up around $30. What happened was a fault of the cashier, who charged him for his order accidentally of over $300,000.

Nathaniel tells the Daily Mail:

''I couldn’t believe my eyes. How did it allow Domino’s to take all that money? Not even the poshest meal in the poshest restaurant would cost anything like that even if I took all my friends and family out. I was massively overdrawn. I took a print-out of the statement and rang the bank straight away. I knew it was wrong - but was terrified that I might have to pay it off or be put on a credit blacklist.''


The amazing part is that the bank who handles the restaurant’s transactions still charged this teen a massive over draft fee.