After a lengthy and career-threatening bout with vocal cord paresis, Art Garfunkel says that his voice is now "96 percent" of where it was in 2010. In a new interview, he speaks optimistically about the possibility of another Simon & Garfunkel tour, but admits there is one obstacle to hurdle: Paul Simon.

"It takes two to tango," he tells Rolling Stone. "I don't want to be the blushing bride waiting for Paul Simon to walk down the aisle. If he's too busy to work with me I guess the real answer to your question is, "I'm too busy to work with him." I think that's the only answer I can give you for pride's sake. But I will say that word 'Yes' because I left that tour of the Far East in 2009 really happy. We did a neat show, and we both shared that feeling."

Personality conflicts between the duo, who have known each other since 1953, helped break up the group in 1970, and have derailed several attempts to record and tour since then. Still, Garfunkel admits that despite these issues, there is a unique personal and musical chemistry between the two that can never be erased.

"We are indescribable," he continues. "You'll never capture it. It's an ingrown, deep friendship. Yes, there is deep love in there. But there's also s---. Put that down...It has many wrinkles. Someday I'll let my hair down, not yet, and I'll tell you lots of stuff. And you'll go, 'Artie, you were a hell of an accommodator.'"

The duo have not performed since the 2010 Jazzfest, when Garfunkel's growing vocal problems affected the concert, and forced the cancellation of a subsequent tour. Two years ago, Simon said that even if Garfunkel's voice was back to full strength, he “would just as soon not go back and visit the past.” He is currently on a co-headlining tour with Sting, performing a setlist comprised of many of his greatest hits.

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