A 21 year old from Long Island had been working at a CVS. While there he allegedly took COVID Vaccine Cards and claims he planned to give them to family and friends. According to Long Island Press, the suspect was arrested on Tuesday.

We all remember the shortage of toilet paper and cleaning products at the start of the pandemic. If you could find any of those items the price tag was jacked because supplies were limited. As frustrating as that was, it was also smart and legal "supply and demand" business practice.

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What's not legit is what this suspect is being accused of. Here is what he allegedly had in his possession:

  • 8 partially filled-out Covid-19 vaccine cards
  • 54 blank vaccination cards
  • 1 pill of a controlled substance
  • Brass knuckles

Here are the charges he faces:

8 counts of second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument

  • Class D felony

Seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance

  • Class A misdemeanor

Fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon

  • Class A misdemeanor

Petit larceny

  • Could face up to 1 year in jail

The first eight cards that he had were already pre-filled out with the batch number, the store number, and dates that the vaccination was distributed, one date being within the last week and the other one 30 days out, showing it was a completed card - Nassau County Police Commissioner Pat Ryder

Apparently COVID Vaccine Cards are like gold to some. Those that don't want to get vaccinated yet realize they may need a vaccine card to travel or attend a concert, for example, might want to get ahold of a vaccine card whether it's actually legit or not.

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