Yes, reds, whites, and champagne actually have a glass to use when you drink each.

Unless you have a never-ending supply of money to buy wine glasses and we don't. We have two main types of glasses we use for red and white wine.

The large bowl long stem golden color glass on the left is used for red wines. The long stem on the glass allows you to hold the glass and not transfer the heat from your hand to the glass with the red you are drinking. The large bowl also allows you to dip your nose into the glass to detect the aroma of the wine.

You'll notice a white wine glass will be more of a u shape. This allows the aromas to be released while maintaining a cooler temperature.

If you don't want to get this deep into the wine glasses for each type of wine then get your basic wine glass. It work's very well for all types of wine. The glass in the middle in the picture is a good choice. You'll also save a bunch of money.

The smaller and more upright glass on the right in the photo is for champagne. When all else fails, use a dixie cup. Just kidding. They work better for beer.

Thanks to the for their input.

Remember, drink wine!



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