Who ever thought that the type of beverage you order at the bar could determine how much you get chatted up? According to a recent study, if you order a beer it increases the chances of you getting hit on. What does your drink choice actually say about you?

According to a survey conducted by Budweiser called, 'Beerpressions,' aimed to determine how beverage choice influences first impressions and perceptions of approachability. The results of the survey, based on 2,000 people surveyed are as follows,

- Drink Choice #1:  Domestic Beer (Budweiser)
*  Both women (70%) and men (59%) who drink domestic beer (such as Budweiser) are perceived as more approachable.

- Drink Choice #2:  Imported Beer
*  Imported beer also has a positive effect for both women (36%) and men (29%), but not nearly as strong as a domestic beer like Budweiser.

- Drink Choice #3:  Wine
* For wine drinkers, women (23%) and men (18%) have lower overall approachability perception rates.

- Drink Choice #4:  Margarita
*  A margarita is the highest-ranking cocktail for approachability (38% for women and 28% for men), but still ranks significantly lower than domestic beer.

Basically, this study maintains that whether you are a man, or a woman, you are more likely to get approached at a bar if you order a Bud. Depending on if you want to get hit on, or not, you should maybe think twice before ordering your drink at the bar.

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