The Relay For Life moves into the North Country and hosts a kickoff on Wednesday March 22nd in Boonville.

Kickoff events draw focus to several areas. First and foremost, local cancer survivors, patients and caregivers. In addition the kickoff showcases how funds raised benefit the local community.

The kickoff is also a great time to register your team, yourself and friends. It may seem we are focusing on our event that is still months away but you will be surprised just how quickly the event on May 20th will arrive. The event by the way is held at the Boonville Fairgrounds, at a new time this year, from 11am till 11pm.

The kickoff is also a good time to get your fundraising plans in the hands of your team members so they can get started as time is flying by and May will be here before you know it.

Cancer knows NO favorites and needs to be beaten at every turn. The funds raised from the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life helps provide support for people facing cancer, and funds cancer research.

I was raised in Southern California and spent most of my life at the beach and now I'm paying for all that fun in the sun I enjoyed as a kid. Please, do me a favor and make sun block your best friend and support the American Cancer Society Relay For Life. We'll see you at the kickoff on the 22nd of March in Boonville at the Elks club.


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