If you are as meticulous about what you put into your food as you are about what you put into your body (that’s a joke considering you’ve got a massive gut), and are a man about the kitchen, you should unquestionably invest in a pair of Swiss Measuring Spoons.

They’re especially nifty if space is at a premium in your kitchen, since you can easily tuck them away in a drawer, thanks to the pocket-knife construction, which looks cool and bad-apples, by the way. The spoons, priced at $9.99, are dishwasher safe and they’re comprised of food-grade ABS plastic, so they’re easy to clean and safe. Unlike everything else in your kitchen.

Just don’t confuse the measuring spoon with your actual Swiss Army Knife. You won’t survive long in the great outdoors unless measuring is a way to keep a bear from ripping your face off. Too bad you don’t have your nail file, that bear would regret the day he crossed paths with you.

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