Shock rock pioneer Alice Cooper is searching for evidence of vampires. Not the blood-sucking variety as you might fairly assume, but a group of friends and music industry alums that he used to hang out with back in rock’s Hollywood heyday.

In the '70s, Cooper would regularly hold court at the prestigious Rainbow Bar on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. After watching the documentary of his life, ‘Super Duper Alice Cooper,’ the singer has taken to his website and social media with a plea to help him with a project about his old drinking buddies, who were dubbed the Hollywood Vampires. This will presumably be released in conjunction with his long-gestating covers record, which is a tribute to the Hollywood Vampires.

“Where were you in the early '70s?” he asked. “I decided that I’d like to tell the story of the Hollywood Vampires, my drinking club that used to meet in the loft of the Rainbow Bar on Sunset Blvd. Notable members were myself, Ringo Starr, Harry Nilsson, Micky Dolenz & Keith Moon, with regular drop-in’s from just about everyone you could imagine.”

To help achieve his goal, Cooper is imploring fans to submit, “photos, stories, artifacts and witnesses from this place in rock history.” He’s also asking for people to share encounters with Vampires on Twitter using the #HollywoodVampires.

In the meantime, the singer is keeping himself quite busy. This summer he's hitting the road -- new guitarist in tow -- with Motley Crue in support of their final tour. He also signed a deal to be featured in a new graphic novel series.

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