Actor Alec Baldwin, who was kicked off an American Airlines flight Tuesday for playing games on his cell phone, slammed the airline in his "apology" to passengers on the flight. Baldwin used his disguised apology to tear into American Airlines and the entire airline industry. In a letter published on the liberal website yesterday the actor began by apologizing to the passengers on the flight he was thrown off. Then Baldwin began ranting about American Airlines and all air service in America:

"It's no secret that the level of service on US carriers has deteriorated to a point that would make Howard Hughes red-faced. Filthy planes, barely edible meals, cuts in jet service to less-traveled locations." -

Apparently using his apology to spew his dislike of the American airline industry wasn't enough. Baldwin also vented his hatred for Greyhound bus service:

In his closing shot, Baldwin says many flight attendants "walk the aisles of an airplane with a whistle around their neck and a clipboard in their hands," and make air travel a "Greyhound bus experience." -

Greyhound Bus Lines, needless to say, took issue with Baldwin's comments. Greyhound told TMZ that the actor is ignorant when it comes to bus travel. According to a statement from Greyhound more than 17-and-a-half million people travel with the bus company every year who, according to the company, wouldn't share the actor's feelings.

Maybe if Baldwin would have taken a Greyhound Bus instead of an American Airlines flight this whole incident could  have been avoided. Baldwin was kicked off his flight for playing the game "Words with Friends" on his cell phone. The bus company allows its passengers to use their phones while traveling.

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