The new bail reform law in the state of New York hasn't exactly been the most popular change for all. Many in law enforcement have criticized the law feeling it limits officers, and puts potentially dangerous criminals back on the streets. One Troy man seems to be testing the limits.

CBS Albany is reporting that the man was arrested three separate times in just under seven hours Monday. CBS says the suspect's whirlwind of a day began around 9 A.M. when he was arrested for shoplifting. Under the new law, he was simply released with an appearance ticket. Right before 2:30 P.M., police say the same suspect then assaulted a man. Just like before, he was arrested but released again.

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It wasn't over just yet. Police say the same man then hit another individual with a brick right before 4:30 P.M later that day. That's when officials arrested him yet again. Police charged him with second degree attempted assault and third degree criminal possession of a weapon, which will keep him behind bars.

CBS says that Troy police know this man well. In January 2020, police charged him with criminal mischief twice in one day. In fact, Nicholas Laviano, the President of Troy's Police Union,  says his criminal history is 50 pages long.