All winners at the Academy Awards receive a beautiful Oscar. Did you know they're made right her in Upstate NY?

Located in Rock Tavern NY is Polich Tallix who was chosen by the Academy to produce a more traditional and quality Oscar back in in 2015.

The original Oscar statuette has been around since 1928 and was sculpted by Los Angeles artist George Stanley.  For the past 33 years, the statuettes have been manufactured at a Chicago trophy company, but In 2015 the Academy wanted to go back to the original process of lost wax cast bronze.

Photo Credit Google Maps
Photo Credit Google Maps

Polich Tallix says the essence of the sculpture has never changed, but over the years small changes had crept in. "It was decided to start by scanning a classic Oscar from 1928 as well as the modern Oscar used in 2015. These two scans were then blended to make the 2016 design closer to George Stanley’s original Art Deco sculpture. The new, 2016 Oscar marries the best features of the classic Oscar to the contemporary form of the modern Oscar through 3-D modeling."

Production time for 50 statuettes is about three months and is 13.5 inches tall and weighs about 8.5 pounds.

The 89th Academy Awards is Sunday, February 26 on ABC with host Jimmy Kimmel.

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[Information from Polich Tallix]

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