Move over Clark Griswold. There's a new Christmas lights display in town.....The town of Chadwicks.

Josh Rapke spends countless hours every year hanging Christmas lights, lots and lots of lights. "Before we were married 14 years ago, he always talked about doing Christmas lights," his wife Bridget said. "I never took him seriously. He wasn’t kidding though."

Not rain, wind or snow will stop Josh from setting up his annual holiday display, that he keeps adding to each year. "Josh can never do anything small," said Bridget. "He’s a all in kinda guy."

It's more than just lights. Josh has added a bit of Disney magic to his Christmas display. "After we had our first daughter we went to Disney and fell In love with it all," Bridget shared. "Disney sparks joy for us so Josh started making hand painted characters to add to his display."

Photo Credit - Bridget Rapke
Photo Credit - Bridget Rapke

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, Lady and the Tramp, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell and Dumbo are just a few of the Disney icons that join Frosty and Rudolph among the twinkling lights. "I just wanted some candles in the windows and maybe a lit wreath with icicle lights," said Bridget. "He won’t hear anything of the sort. He spends hours hanging them all in the wind, rain, and snow until his fingers are all bandaged up. But he never complains. He just jams to Christmas tunes while he hangs them all and stands there in awe when he is done."

You can stand in awe too. Check out pictures below, the video above or see it in person at 205 Florence Court in Chadwicks, New York.

The lights are barely hung and Bridget says Josh already has a list of new characters for next year. "He officially now has more than Clark Griswold," joked Bridget, who is prepared for anything this year. "I just bought a fire extinguisher for when he sets our house on fire from all of this."

A Clark Griwold Christmas Comes to Chadwicks

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