The saying goes, if you don't like the weather in Central New York, wait 5 minutes it'll change. It's about to feel like summer, at least for a few days, with temperatures hitting the 80s.

It's been a cold, wet spring so far. But we're about to get a little taste of summer before it turns back into spring again. 80 degree weather is expected for several days in Central New York, according to The Weather Channel.

80 Degree Weather


It'll start to warm up on Tuesday, May 10 and the above normal temperatures will last until Sunday, May 15 before falling back into the upper 60s. Unless of course it changes, which often happens in Central New York.

Credit - Weather Channel
Credit - Weather Channel

One Hot Summer

The warmer temperatures will stay once summer offically arrives. We're in for one hot season if you believe the Farmer's Almanac and it's been spot on for spring so far. It predicted pleasant weather for the first week of April, followed by a couple of weeks of wet, unsettled weather before turning nice for Easter. Then showers and steady rain wrap up the month. Yep, that sounds spot on!

Farmer's Almanac Summer Forecast

The Farmer's Almanac is calling for the summer season to be hot and stormy, especially along the East Coast and Great Lakes regions, where some big thunderstorms are expected.

This summer weather is going to be remembered as a hot one nationwide.

New England and areas around the Great Lakes will have more seasonable summer weather, but not until late. "That’s based on a wave of unseasonably cool air that arrives in September."

Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days of Summer could be a scorcher this year. Late July is expected to be brutally hot with many areas reaching highs in the 90s and even triple digits."

MarianVejcik/Think Stock
MarianVejcik/Think Stock

Short Summer

If you like the hot weather, you better enjoy it because it won't stay for long.

Toward the end of September, much cooler weather will begin to make its presence felt, possibly even leading to the first sighting of wet snowflakes over parts of the Northern Rockies.


The last few summers have been a washout. Just ask any camper, golfer, or outdoor enthusiast. This summer, it looks like precipitation will be below average in the Northeast, giving us more days to enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer in New York. The lack of rain could cause problems for the Pacific States and much of the Southwest where drought conditions occur.

See the full extended forecast for the U.S. and Canada at

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