Half the fun of going to the Great New York State Fair every year is to try one of the new delicious food novelties that have been Frankenstein'd up for the masses. It's always fun to flip the proverbial bird to your doctor by consuming an entire week's worth of calories in one flimsy paper boat. "What will they think of next?!" always comes to mind when you're at the Fair.

2022 saw some real winners when it comes to these types of foods. There was the Flamin' Code Peach, which was jalapenos and bacon bits in caramel, stuffed in peach cobbler, then deep fried. There was the S'moreo-- two Oreos, deep fried, topped with whipped cream, chocolate marshmallow cream and graham crackers. And who could forget the BBQ pulled pork sandwich with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? That was... interesting.


Hey, everyone prefers their heart attack in different forms. Pretty soon they'll be encouraging guests to snap off a piece of the butter sculpture and just shove it down their throats. Maybe put a giant chocolate fondue fountain right next to it. I mean, why not? YOLO!

So far there's been no announcements about any new novelty food offerings at the State Fair this year. But with opening day just a few short months away, we don't think it's too early to start putting together a "wacky foods wish list".

Below is our wish list of 7 fair foods we'd love to see:

7 Foods We'd Love to See at the New York State Fair in 2023

Because everyone prefers their heart attacks in different forms!

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