It’s been reported all over the web that Snooki from the Jersey Shore is now pregnant. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before MTV makes a spinoff, Jersey Babies. However, I don’t think Snooki has what it takes to be a good parent. For someone who parties, tans, and has no sense of real world responsibility, how could she be a good parent? Here’s a list of 7 People Who Would Make Better Parents Than Snooki.

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    The Bumpuses from A Christmas Story

    The hillbilly neighbors from a Christmas Story, the Bumpuses, would make better parents than Snooki. Even though they had over 785 smelly hound dogs, at least you know they knew how to take care of a living breathing being.

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    Jon and Kate Gosselin

    A Jersey baby would be able to teach Kate Gosselin a thing or two about bad attitudes. That baby would put her in her place. Jon could provide a somewhat good home life, and I don’t think he’s a bad father either. Either way, both parents would juice that baby for every cent its worth. Jon and Kate Plus 9.

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    Bald Britney Spears

    Even when Britney was at her all time low, we all knew that bald head had enough common sense to support a young child. Even if she couldn’t, she could afford a nanny. Who would you trust watching a baby: Kevin Federline or The Situation?

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    Any Of The Teen Moms

    I’ve watched the show with my girlfriend and I’m able to report that these girls are more than capable of raising children. Even Janelle on the show would be a better parent than Snooki.

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    Balloon Boy’s Parents: Richard and Mayumi Heene

    Remember when these two faked their little boy being on board a balloon flying through the sky? The whole world watched in fear. I laughed, I see what their game plan was and it was brilliant. At least they will take part in some sort of outdoor activities with their kids.

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    Any Lohan Family Member

    We could pick Lindsay, or her father Michael. Both are just pure gems to society. Even the mother of that family is a whack job. At least it would add a little spice to the baby’s life.

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    Gary Busey

    The man is truly crazy. Have you ever seen him on The Celebrity Apprentice or Wife Swap? Even though the Space Shuttle could land on his teeth, he is a father already, and those kids seem to be doing ok.

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