For many of us, the experience of having roommates is a rite of passage. Whether you lived with others in college, during a first job, or upon moving to a new city, there’s nothing quite like sharing a space with others that are close to you in age but are neither your sibling nor your significant other. Maybe you started out as friends, or you decided to sign a lease as virtual strangers. Every experience is different, and there are many hurdles to overcome. As it turns out, there are plenty of famous actors who can relate to these roommate struggles — although unlike most of us, their housemates also just happened to be other famous actors.

Many of these actors lived together before either one had found fame, making ends meet with the occasional jobs they were booking. Of course, after their careers took off, they could afford to buy their own houses — a far cry from the two-bedroom apartments they were sharing. Yes, even some of the most successful actors were once splitting utilities and dividing chores. Some pairings were successful, while other actors learned that they were better off as friends than housemates.

Below, you’ll discover both the expected and unlikely roommate pairings of Hollywood. Certain actors, such as Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, were frequent collaborators. Others, such as Jamie Dornan and Eddie Redmayne, were auditioning for the same roles. Through thick and thin, these stars persevered — and they have a ton of roomie stories to tell.

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These actors were roommates before they became big stars.
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