Spring is springing and that means summer is not far off. If you're an avid camper, you're starting to get the itch to get the camping gear out and head out into the woods. Here's a few places in CNY where you don't have to pay to camp.

The road in is Gravel. Cherry Ridge Camping Area is open 5/1 - 12/1. There are up to 15 campsites at Cherry Ridge and they even allow RV's up to 25 feet long. You can get a free permit to camp as long as 2 weeks with a permit.

5 campsites with free camping and up to a 15 foot RV. The sites have no vehicle access, so you have to carry your gear from your vehicle, but the parking area is very close to the sites. Rockwood Lake is a short 1/4 mile away for paddling, swimming and fishing.

You can get to North and South Lakes from Dustin Road and Route 28. The sites are nestled in the trees and all right on the water. Maximum RV length is 15 Feet.

Open year round, with up to 29 free campsites available. You can have up to a 25 foot RV and stay up to 2 weeks free with a permit.

Turn East off Rt 28 onto McKeever Road to find up to 5 different free camp sites. The Moose River is a short distance away for paddling, fishing and swimming.

Open all summer, Moose River Plains has more than 30 free campsites and allows any length RV's. You can camp for free for up to 2 weeks with a permit and each site has a fire ring and an outhouse. Red River and Cedar River are both close for water fun.

Piseco-Powley Road is open 5/31-12/1  with up to 29 campsites stay for free up to 3 nights and 2 weeks with a permit.

Grab your gear and head out, because now you have more money for beer and firewood. Actually, forget the firewood...



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