The 6 reno projects that return the most at resale kitchens and bathrooms didn't make the list.

Well, we've looked at the renovations that are the worst fixes for the money. Now that everyone is depressed let's take the time to look at the 6 home renovations that return the most at resale.

6. New vinyl siding. Replacing old siding with new vinyl will set you back about $12,000 on average. the good news is you will get back about 83% of what you've spent. New siding adds curb appeal in a neighborhood and helps to make your home stand out.

5. New garage door Look at it this way a new garage  door is the nose on the face of your house if it is street facing. Cost is $2,300 on average and returns about 87% at resale. Right now carriage-doors  is one style that is hot right now.

4.New hardwood floors. Average cost is $5,000 and you will get most of that cost back. No surprise that homes with hardwood floors sell better especially if they are oak. Do opt for hardwood over engineered products. Do take your time and research all the products you can and get a good installer.

 3. Insulation upgrade. On average it will cost you about $2,100 and homeowners can recoup about 95% at resale.

2. Refinished hardwood floors. refinishing costs an average of $2,500 and a study says that's about what it adds to your home in value.

There is no ROI higher in real estate than paint.

1. The top spot goes to what is over your head, that's right your homes roof. On average you will spend $7,600 but you will  recoup about $8,000 at resale. Again this is a case of being honest with yourself on how much money you want to spend and what your home really needs and what the neighborhood will support.



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