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Gary Busey over the years has starred in more than 70 movies. One would think the guy would be loaded with money, however that isn't the case. TMZ is reporting that he currently has less than $50,000 to his name and more than $500,000 in debts. Our great minds here in the office got together today and brainstormed 5 Ways Gary Busey Can Raise $500,000.


Lemonade Stand


Now I know what you're thinking: “How could this raise a lot of cash?”. Simple, cost of the cup. If he started charging $100 bucks a cup, he'd be king. He probably could even get away with $125 a cup. Tell the people it's made with lemons from Rosanne Barr's peanut farm. Drink up Busey!

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Reality TV


He's already been on gems like: Celebrity Close Calls, The Apprentice, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, and Celebrity Wife Swap. Honestly, the only time I can proudly say I watched The Apprentice was when Gary was a cast member. He should be a mandatory cast member every year. He could charge the Donald $100,000 an episode.

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Hand Modeling


Typically, a hand model can earn from $300 to a few thousand dollars an hour. Have you seen his hands in Lethal Weapon? Or maybe you saw his hands on a machine gun in Black Sheep. The man has sexy hands, who can deny that? If normal people can make $300 an hour, Gary should be bring in six figures.

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Sell His Teeth


Two other places NASA could have landed the shuttle in an event of an emergency were Nicole Kidman's forehead and Gary's teeth. His teeth are ginormous, and the possibilities are endless. He could use them in dentures commercials, or straight out sell these suckers on eBay. Starting bid: $500,000.

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Sell Bodily Fluid


Most Sperm banks easily pay $50-$75 bucks a pop, and that's normal people. Gary could easily charge in the thousands for his precious life seed. OK maybe that's gross, what about blood? Blood is usually donated with the Red Cross, but Gary could skip the cookies and blood and ask for the cash. Who wouldn't want this real life tiger blood flowing inside of you?