Bedbugs for the most part stay close to a bed hence the name  Bedbug. Here are five locations you might not have considered you would find bed bugs.

5. Libraries

Not what you would think is it? In 2015, 17% of US pest professionals said they encountered bed bugs in libraries that's up from 12%  2013 now up from 8% in 2011.

4. Movie Theaters

Someplace you wouldn't think about needing to be careful. Don't let a few reports slow down your trips to the local movie theater, just be aware.

3. Retail Stores

The bugs can get into stores because that can hitch a ride on almost anything that moves. Then take up a place to live. in fitting rooms put your clothes on the hooks rather than throwing them on the floor.

2. Trains, Buses, and Taxis

All locations I'll bet you didn't think about. In 2015, 29%of pest professionals surveyed by the NPMA said they'd come across bedbugs in trains, buses or taxies. The figure was only 21% in 2013 and 9% in 2010.

1. Schools and Daycare Centers

Bedbug infestations in schools and daycare centers. The bugs are typically brought into these environments by students of staff with an infestation at home.

Some things to do to slow the bugs down. Check used furniture for signs of bedbugs before you bring something home. Put protective covers on your mattress and box spring. Vacuum frequently to get rid of bedbugs that may have hitchhiked home with you.





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